Marghera Port

We coordinate and organise road, rail, sea and air transport; we offer a wide range of national and international services to satisfy an ever more sophisticated, modern and demanding market.

Port Services

We operate as a Port company licenced to act as subcontractor for general cargo loading, unloading, transhipment, storage and handling using its own personnel and equipment on contract to port companies.

Normal and oversized transport

We offer normal and oversized transport service, using latest generation means with a capacity up to 250 tons.


We offer storage and warehousing of various cargoes in its own covered and uncovered areas.

The site covers an area of approx. 15,000 m²:
  • 9,100 m² uncovered (used for storage and parking)
  • 5,900 m² covered:
    • 4,900 m² used for freight storage;
    • 1,000 m² occupied by a workshop for routine and extraordinary maintenance of vehicles and machines

Warehouse Facilities

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