Road Freight

International Transports

We are attentive to provide to our client a personalized and highly qualitative service.
Thanks to the consolidated relationships with the numerous foreign transporters we can guarantee you competitive tariffs for:

o Transports throughout out Europe
o Transport to destination outside of the European Union
o Experience in shipments to Russian and Caspian region
o Collection / Delivery throughout all Italian territory
o Lorries and Full trailer park throughout our associates
o Express Dedicated Vehicles & Groupage Services

Vehicles Available:

Trailer: 13,60 x 2, 48 x h. 2,70 meters
Trailer: 13,60 x 2, 48 x h. 3,00 meters
Low Loader: M3 100 - intern h. 2,97 meters
Trailer Units: 13,60 x 2,50 meters of width

Regular Departures to:

Intra EU Extra EU Intermodal Service
o Belgium
o Denmark
o Finland
o France
o Germany
o Greece
o Poland
o Portugal
o Spain
o Sweden
o United Kingdom
o Azerbaijan
o Byelorussia
o Georgia
o Kazakhstan
o Kirghizia
o Norway
o Turkey
o Ukraine
o Uzbekistan
o Italy - UK
o Italy - GErmany

We are at your complete availability for any information, quotation and assistance that you might need.
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Out-Of-Gauge Shipments

Check out our out-of-gauge transports here.

Track Your Shipments

Our New Tool

We have implemented a tool for our customers to track their shipments. By logging into their account, the customer can check the status of his own shipment, including:

- when cargo was collected,
- when cargo was delivered,
- cargo booking details,
- and so on..